Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EZCaster Encoder Broadcast Live Streaming Video

The EZCaster allows Churches, Schools, Government Agencies, Musicians, and anyone else who wants to broadcast Live Streaming, or On-Demand Video via the Internet, with the touch of a button! And, Webinars can be conducted with the included smart software.

EZCaster is extremely easy to use! When you receive your new touch screen encoder, all you have to do is connect the AC power, the Internet, and an audio/video source. Your audio and video source can be as simple as a camcorder or a multi-million dollar television facility.

There are two major parts to streaming video; video compression/streaming, and publishing videos on your website. Until now, encoding systems were wildly complicated and only created video streams and files. With the EZCaster Encoder, your websites’ html page will automatically be updated with a "watch live video" link. Users will just click the link and start viewing your live broadcast!

There is a WIFI option, which allows LIVE video streams over 802.11b/g and 3G networks, if you do not have access to a hardwire Internet connection.

Click here for a demo video:

Price is $1995 which includes streaming service for free for 60 days or 10 hours of live or on-demand video. Additional streaming service requires a monthly subscription with TechWerks.